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The Social Lawyer Show

Jun 7, 2018

This month I’m going to give you a few ways to easily implement automation processes into your practice so you can free up some summer fun, relaxation and time with the family. So, let’s dive into part 1 of this month’s June Auto-Drive…

We’ll start by knocking off a few initial key points when it comes to auto-piloting aspects of your business.

And, I’ll admit the concept of automating any aspect of my business was tricky for me to grasp and reconcile in my own mind because my business is all about creating meaningful relationships, and not a numbers game. What I came to realize however is that there are different aspects of automatization. For example, you should always be thinking of ways to automate processes within your practice, and you can automate your outreach to qualify, or progress someone to a certain point - wherever you decide that is - then I it is absolutely crucial to then have the real human touch.