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The Social Lawyer Show

Jun 21, 2018

This week we’re diving into part 3 of this months 4 part series on auto-piloting your law practice. While I shared a few ways to automate processes within your practice, this one will be about balancing automation with personalization when it comes to your law firm’s external processes.  And, one of the most important aspects of any firm’s external processes is that of outreach and engagement. As any attorney, you have a finite amount of time (if any) to dedicate to legal marketing. It therefore becomes so important to have a process that genuinely nurtures a lead along the path of becoming a client, and having the metrics to show what is working really well.

This is what strategic, and well-thought out marketing automation can provide if done right. Here are some of the benefits and systems that can be set up to qualify and progress a lead to the point of your human touch.