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The Social Lawyer Show

Feb 27, 2020

As founder of Linsey Shae Consulting, Linsey Levine, brings over a decade of experience in corporate America, including Comcast and the Miami Heat.  

After graduating from New York Law School, Linsey worked as in-house counsel for Comcast where she was promoted to Chief Compliance Officer of her division.   It was there she realized the importance of having a strong compliance program, no matter the size of the company.  

While most people see compliance as a tedious task that restricts companies from working in the most productive way, Linsey’s unique approach takes into account organizational efficiency while keeping company culture intact. 

She has seen first-hand what happens to companies that don’t have the right policies in place: legal issues, monetary fines, tarnished reputation and even loss of valued employees and customers. Linsey creates a strong foundation of compliance for her clients so they can avoid these harmful consequences. 

Here are "The Three Things" we'll share in this episode...

1. Basics of what a compliance program is - not just dealing with laws and regulations and how it also effects small businesses,

2. Benefits of why all companies should be documenting their policies and procedures and best way to go about this (two way street).

3. Examples of some policies and procedures all companies should have.