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The Social Lawyer Show

Jun 19, 2021

As a full time practicing attorney, I have plenty of time in my week. Said no attorney ever! Today you'll discover a new tool through it's creator that will save you hours each and every week. It's simple to use. It's very reasonably priced. And, it will provide for an outstanding client experience! You should be...

Jun 12, 2021

Are you a dreamer? If you’re a busy lawyer (who isn’t?!) and you’ve neglected enjoying a few dreamy moments towards your vision for life and business, then this is your time to get step into a few moments of dreaming, envisioning and having the right tools to build your Dream Creation Plan! 

My guest today is the...

Jun 3, 2021

Today’s world for any professional is a competitive and fast paced one! With technology and it’s several tools, we’re able to streamline our workflows, save time, save our sanity...but our competition is also fiercer and sometimes we find ourselves in overload mode due to the several options.

So, today - and for...