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The Social Lawyer Show

Feb 1, 2018

While your audience may briefly see your name and profile picture first, the summary of a LinkedIn profile is what the vast majority of the site’s 500 million viewers first examine and get to know you in depth. A great summary provides your professional, personal and unique essence to readers, and if it intrigues them, they will keep reading.

The summary should be a short version of why you do what you do, in your own words. Use the summary area of your profile to provide a snapshot of your professional journey and aspirations. Write it in first person, this connects you to the reader and just keeps it real. Aim for a tone that is somewhere between conversational and not too casual. The summary should not simply recap your experience and education sections; consider it a cover letter for the rest of the profile and make it interesting enough that the reader wants to continue scrolling down for the other sections that reflect your entire picture. Many conclude the summary with a “call to action” — or at least what I prefer - an invitation to contact the user.