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The Social Lawyer Show

Mar 8, 2018

The legal profession is a stressful one. So it’s no wonder that lawyers suffer from depression at twice the rate of the general population, which means that of the 1.2 million lawyers in the United States, 240,000 of them are clinically depressed. 

Between the stress and the high levels of depression, it’s no wonder that 7 out of 10 lawyers surveyed by the California Lawyers magazine would change careers if the opportunity arose. But that’s not the only solution. There are plenty of ways to decrease the stress and increase happiness without leaving the profession altogether.

However, if you are at a point where you are considering a career change, this week's guest, lawyer-turned-transformational-coach, Camille Walker has some valuable advice based on her back story that takes us from attorney to coach and today leading a passionate life.