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The Social Lawyer Show

Mar 11, 2021

This one is a personal. It will be a bit out of the ordinary, and go deep(er than usual) on a personal level than what I usually serve up here on the Lawyers Lunch and Launch show.

How? I’m going to share with you my big WHY(s) for creating my LINK-IN LEVERAGED LAWYERS™ course, which is really more of a journey, for lawyers.

I’ve been hinting at this LINKED-IN LEVERAGED LAWYERS™ course offer over the last few weeks. Then, suddenly someone asked me WHY? Why are you putting all this energy, effort, time into assembling this online course? At first I rattled off all the nifty bells, whistles, shiny objects and updates (which are very much a part of the course.) Then I asked myself, but really why, in a deeper way.

There’s more to it, and it’s personal for me and for you…