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The Social Lawyer Show

Jun 19, 2021

As a full time practicing attorney, I have plenty of time in my week. Said no attorney ever! Today you'll discover a new tool through it's creator that will save you hours each and every week. It's simple to use. It's very reasonably priced. And, it will provide for an outstanding client experience! You should be very interested, so dive in here and find out what I'm talking about...

My guest today is the creator and founder of one of the best lawyer tech tools DocuPlayer, Tiffany Christianson. 
Tiffany is a full time practicing attorney based out of her Scottsdale based office, Christianson Goens that represents clients in corporate law, estate planning, trust administration, pre-litigation disputes, and acts as special counsel in business litigation.

Creative? Yep - She was one of the first attorneys to offer a flat-fee based model to her clients. Tiffany acts as general counsel for a number of companies. A fixed fee allows her clients to access the advice they need at a known monthly cost.