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The Social Lawyer Show

Oct 10, 2019

Why video? Video is quick, easy, and most importantly when done well, it's meaningful.

Video also has the power to answer your clients’ questions before they even walk in your door or pick up the phone. You look knowledgeable and generous for sharing your expertise, and your passion and personality become a part of the information your viewers take away.

Video lets viewers start to feel like they know you, and they are converted when you give them something of real value to take away and use to solve their problems.

Video is also more compelling than text, and it’s a chance to speak directly to a specific segment of your audience. When you really use video to focus on who you want to reach, you can deliver a message that is immediately helpful—and people remember the people who help them in their time of need.

If your video helped your potential clients once, they already know you are someone who has the ability and dedication to help them again. They'll listen and you are on your way to building trust...