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The Social Lawyer Show

Jan 27, 2021

Why bother with optimizing my LinkedIn profile? Does it even matter? How do I know or measure whether it makes a difference in growing my law practice? 

Of all social media platforms, LinkedIn, which is considered the “professional” social network, is far and away the most popular with attorneys. Due to its professional tone, lawyers naturally feel comfortable participating on LinkedIn. According to a 2019 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report, over 98% of lawyers now use the platform.

But simply having a basic or worse default profile on the platform isn’t enough to leverage it for your benefit. Once you realize how valuable this resource is to your firm’s digital marketing program, and general business development overall, you will be eager to optimize your participation in this space.

For many lawyers, LinkedIn is an untapped opportunity resource. Maybe you only created a profile in law school or when you first formed your firm. There is a good chance you are not capitalizing on the features that the platform offers. Here are several ways you can use LinkedIn to help build your practice and boost your digital marketing efforts.