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The Social Lawyer Show

Oct 6, 2018

This past week I presented on social media to the Ca Special Districts Association Annual Conference in a very hot (110) Palm Springs. As I chatted with attorneys from various larger law firms who provide services to many public agencies across the country.


As the eternal curious student I asked what they are currently doing in terms of engagement, and outreach to their relevant audience - in this case - stakeholders from public agencies including general managers, staff, and directors. I mean they were there at the conference setting up a booth and rubbing shoulders to keep themselves visible and relevant to their target audience. And, this presence was not inexpensive.

Some stated they had a marketing department or point person who handled outreach. So, I guess they don’t know and/or care much in terms of expanding their client base. Most however, responded to what they are doing, if anything, online that they had a website. Ok, so you have a static bookmark online - and remind me again when it was last updated or how much traffic it was actually attracting?

Of course, the most relevant online platform of all social media channels for most attorneys is LinkedIn, so I had to ask. Many responses when I asked about whether they made any use of their LI Profile, simply said “well I have a job at __ firm, and so don’t really need to use my LI Profile…” Wait, what? This really caught me off guard - are there really attorneys that still believe the only thing LI is good for is as a resume/job posting portal???  So, just let me get this off my shoulders….